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Health Benefits of Chlorella

Is Chlorella good for health?

Chlorella is a commonly known freshwater alga. It is green in color and single-celled by nature. Chlorella comes in over thirty different species. However, for research purposes, there are two main kinds. They are Chlorella Pyrenoidosa and Chlorella Vulgaris, respectively.

Due to its hard cell wall, humans cannot digest the chlorella. Hence, it is preferred to consume it as a supplement. It is available in powder, extract, tablet, and capsule form. It mainly renders relief from several chronic illnesses.

15 Health Benefits of Chlorella

Originally found in Japan and Taiwan, chlorella is rich in chlorophyll that causes the green color. The following are fifteen amazing qualities of chlorella:

1. Detoxifies the System: Studies show regular intake of chlorella alleviates heavy metals in the urine. Heavy metals like copper, iron, cadmium can be toxic if present in excess amounts. Daily consumption of chlorella weakens the heavy metal impact on the kidneys, liver, and brain. It even cleans out mercury from the cells, bowels, and blood.

2. Highly Nutritious: Chlorella is often called a “superfood” for its nutritional value. Albeit, its nutrient content relies on its growth process. It is packed up with around 50 to 60 percent of protein. Apart from protein, it is rich in other healthy nutrients. The list includes Vitamin B12, C, fiber, iron, and omega-3s, along with several other antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.

3. Improves Immune System: Keeping your immune system healthy is very crucial to fight germs and viruses. Chlorella is found to enhance the immune system in both human and animal studies. It activates various parts of the system to bolster its function. However, only a specific age group of people can enjoy this particular advantage.

4. Reduces Cholesterol Level: By consuming supplements of this algae can help you maintain your cholesterol level. In patients with high blood pressure, 5 to 10 grams of daily dosage can help reduce triglycerides and LDL cholesterol. It also improvises blood lipid levels. It contains carotenoids, niacin, fiber, and antioxidants, also known as a cholesterol-lowering agent.

5. Balances Blood Sugar Level: Chlorella also helps to increase insulin sensitivity by controlling blood sugar levels. This plays a significant role for patients suffering from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Due to the process, the body gets highly alerted to insulin resistance.

6. Act as a Slimming Agent: Everyone desires to look healthy, fit, and slim. It takes a lot for one to get toned up with heavy exercise and dieting. Chlorella is remarkably known for weight loss and its management. It boosts the insulin signal pathways and metabolism. This algae even fight back against the toxins released in the bloodstream during the weight loss procedure. Regularly consuming its supplements can also regulate your hormonal activity.

7. Defeats Cancer: Generally, it is our immune system that acts as a protective agent. It must identify any abnormal cell death or cell changes. The green freshwater algae work as a detoxifier to protect your cells from harmful activities. It boosts the T-cells to help them detect the destroyed cells. Also, it supports them to forbid those cells from doubling into tumors.

Chlorella smoothies

8. Fasten Digestion: The presence of chlorophyll in the extract supports the gastrointestinal system. Those who suffer from irregular bowel movements, cramps, or bloating can get highly benefitted from this. It provides instant relief by enhancing bowel movements. It contains digestive enzymes called pepsin that improve the digestion process.

9. Boosts Brain Performance: Due to its rich source of V- A, B12, and C, it plays a crucial role in empowering your brain. Vitamin deficiency can cause fatigue, depression, and mood swings-like brain inactivity. The supplements in these cases help to reduce cognitive impairment and brain atrophy. It protects your brain from any severe damage and improves memory, communication, and thinking abilities.

10. Possess Anti-Aging Agents: There are tons of problems oriented with aging. But it all can be resolved with a single supplement. Including chlorella in your daily diet can make you feel healthier. The antioxidant agents and the presence of Vitamine – A and C with glutathione prevent cellular aging. It even restricts accurate DNA synthesis with a loss of communication between organs and cells.

11. Manages Oral Hygiene: Your teeth are highly dependent on protein, V- C, and A. And all these minerals and vitamins are altogether found in chlorella. Its supplements, when taken regularly, can help to decrease tongue inflammation, mouth ulcers, and even foul breath symptoms. Grand atrophy, tooth decay, cavities, and other serious diseases are common symptoms of nutrient insufficiency. Chlorella works at the cellular level to prevent the onset of certain oral illnesses.

12. Promotes Clear Skin: Your body must renew its cells regularly for a healthy cellular cycle and glowing skin. Without proper nutrition, the process of skin cell renewal can get reversed. It can then cause wrinkling, saggy, and tired skin texture. The presence of lutein, antioxidants, and beta-carotene in the doses offers glowing and flawless skin. The phenolic compounds found in chlorella reverse skin damage and accelerate cell regeneration.

13. Keeps Kidney and Heart Healthy: Your blood pressure plays a crucial role in maintaining your heart and kidneys healthy. Hence, it is essential to keep a constant check on your blood pressure. The algae save your system from the complications of secondary blood pressure issues, heart diseases, and kidney failures. It even reduces the chances of blocked arteries for its arginine calcium content.

14. Reduces Pains and Aches: The study claims the affix contributes to reducing the intensity of body aches by 22 percent. Especially women who wake up with stiffed bodies can achieve great relief from it. Research shows that after taking their supplements regularly, women are able to perform better throughout the day and can also experience better sleep.

15. Essential for Pregnant Women: Chlorella stimulates the hormonal balance of the body. Pregnant women are most prone to hormonal imbalances due to genetic, stress, and environmental factors. Hence, proper detoxification for pregnant women is vital, which can be gained from chlorella. It even benefits babies in the womb by increasing immunoglobulin in them; and reduces the chances of birth defects during pregnancy. This acts as a protective agent that prepares the body to fight any toxin, inflammation, and bacteria.       

Wrap Up

Chlorella, with its fully packed nutrient containment, helps to protect your body from numerous health issues. It not only initiates new functions but manages the already damaged internal sections as well. Adding it to your diet can benefit you both internally and externally. However, make sure to have a prior recommendation from your doctor to understand how your body will act on it.