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Does Showering Burn Calories?

Can you lose weight by taking a shower?

Did you have another cheat day? Concerned about food that is high in calories you consumed would make you fat? Do you want to burn those calories, but you don’t have the time due to your hectic work life? Or are you finding it hard to lose weight? What if you get a little secret that you burn calories even at your most physically inactive pursuits? Interesting, isn’t it?

Did you know even when you are blow-drying your hair, you could burn around 39 calories? Or when you iron your shirt before going to work, you can lose about 66 calories? That how incredible the human body is. And there is another ear-pleasing information about calorie burning mentioned below.

You can actually burn a staggering 382 calories while sleeping for seven straight hours! But just because you could burn more than 300 calories while sleeping, doesn’t mean you should rest or sit all day. You don’t want to become unhealthy and obese after all.

Isn’t this the kind of information we have been searching for decades? We all love to see our calories getting burned and have been looking for the easy route.

Gym trainers and fitness influencers have been telling you for years that you can burn those calories only by doing intense exercises or physically demanding activities! However, this isn’t totally accurate.

There’s more. Another secret that can burn calories is present, too, without rigorous workouts. Do you know that showering, be it cold or hot, or bathing can burn a shocking number of calories? Still, find it hard to believe this? Hold your horses! The science backs it up.

Do you burn calories when you take a shower?

Taking a shower after an exercise is commonly assumed to be solely for the purpose of removing body odors, but it can surely aid in the burning of additional calories. It can indeed assist you in burning off that snack you consumed in the afternoon and makes you feel all energetic, refreshing, and much lighter! It makes you feel as if your life is brand new and full of possibilities.

The human body is remarkable in that it can burn calories spontaneously even when performing mundane chores, such as taking a shower. So, certainly, taking a 15-minute shower can help you burn calories quickly.

How many calories does showering burn?

Scientists and other experts recently revealed that taking a 15-minute shower can burn those calories, something we never expected. Isn’t it interesting to consider how many calories can be burned when showering? According to many fitness experts and studies, taking a 15-minute shower can help you burn at least 62 calories!

How convenient is that!! We are convinced that you will not be too tired to shower, but it is time to toss your towel and hop in the shower if you are. And those who avoid bathing after gym sessions must reconsider their actions since they are wasting valuable calorie-burning time while also preserving the odor of their body sweat.

Keep in mind; you can burn around 62 -140 calories while taking a 15-minute shower, per your body weight. Standing up burns more calories, which is necessary when showering, thus you burn calories when bathing. Furthermore, the necessary stretching and movement required to take a shower too add up to burning calories.

Always remember that the lower the warmth of your shower, the more calories you can lose. This is because your body burns calories to keep your body heated, thus increasing your metabolism. An additional feature to weigh while taking a shower to burn calories is drying your hair with a towel, which is an exercise itself that can add further to calorie burning.

Cold vs. hot shower! Which one is better?

The benefits of taking a shower can make you wonder which type of shower will be more effective in burning calories? Let us explore them in detail.

Recently, some studies have found that taking a hot bath that extends for more than one hour can burn a staggering 130 calories, which is equivalent to the amount you would burn through 30 minutes of rigorous walking or even jogging. Aside from a hot bath, taking a hot shower would do the trick too. Rest assured; you can burn calories even when you take a hot shower.

Keep in mind that exposure to chilly temperatures aids in fat burning and metabolism. Taking a cold shower does, in fact, help you burn calories and keep your body alert. Cold showers can increase weight loss, although it is not a long-term or practical solution. When you take a cold shower, some brown fat cells can produce heat by burning calories to keep your body warm. In addition, they generate heat when your body gets exposed to cold situations, such as taking a chilly shower. Often, these brown cells accumulate around the neck and shoulder region, making them ideal for cold showers!

If you cannot stand cold water, you can always replace it with a hot shower. But a hot shower takes longer to burn off the calories of the biscuit you consumed while sipping tea when compared to a cold shower.

Cold showers, which are a part of cold temperature, are known for aiding in weight loss. It is because they burn more calories than hot showers.

Both can burn calories, but a cold shower is proven to be more effective for burning calories.

Bottom Line

Our bodies have been naturally burning off calories even when resting or engaging in a dull activity. From sleeping to showering, it keeps on burning our calories incessantly.

In a 15-minute shower, you can burn roughly 62 calories. Cold showers have been shown to burn a few extra calories, but if you are afraid of cold water, you can always substitute it with a hot shower or a hot bath. If you stretch them for an hour, they can burn more than 100 calories.  But, even 15 minutes would suffice for cold showers.

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