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How Impotence Affects Relationships?

Impotence Affects Relationships

How to deal with ED in a relationship?

One of the most beautiful and pleasurable methods of showing your love for your spouse is via sexual intimacy. But this expression of love is not easy for all men. Some of them are unable to fulfill their women’s needs by satisfying them. Impotence is the inability of a man to get an erection. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a word that is used interchangeably, and it can affect both the sexual and romantic aspects of a relationship. Problems with obtaining and keeping an erection can also result in a lack of closeness in a relationship. This might result in depression and mental anxiety. According to studies, nearly 30 million males face erectile dysfunction problems.

What is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

An ED is an issue in which a man cannot sustain an erection during sexual intercourse. The erection is required to reach a penetration. In a layman’s language, if a man’s penis is not getting hard enough to get into a vagina, there can be an erection problem. During masturbation or oral sex, the penis is not required to be so hard. A man can get an orgasm even with a soft penis. However, the situation is different when it comes to vaginal or anal sex. A penis must be hard enough to be inserted into the vagina or anus and provide sexual pleasure to the woman. But the inability to get a boner can spoil the sex, and the gal won’t enjoy the intimacy. If this problem occurs once in a blue moon, it is considered normal. But if you are facing an ongoing issue, it can be a symptom of impotence.

Significant reasons why this happens

A male’s brain, hormones, nerves, muscles, blood vessels, and emotions all play a role in achieving a strong erection during sexual contact. Erectile dysfunction can occur if any of these factors do not work in favor of sex. The mental situation or stress can also be a great contributor to this issue and can worsen the situation.

The leading causes of impotence can be categorized into two parts:

  1. Physical Causes
  2. Psychological Causes

1) Physical Causes: When a guy is unable to maintain a hard penis owing to physical limitations such as:

⮚ Heart diseases

⮚ Obesity

⮚ High Cholesterol

⮚ Diabetes

⮚ Parkinson

⮚ Tobacco abuse

⮚ Drug abuse

⮚ Alcoholism

⮚ Sleeping disorder

⮚ Any surgery that impacted the pelvic area or spinal cord

⮚ Peyronie’s disease in which scar tissue inside the penis is developed

⮚ Low testosterone

⮚ Medication

2)    Psychological Reasons: When it comes to sexual desire, the brain plays a crucial role. It is vital in activating the feelings that cause the penis to harden. However, if the brain does not support the situation, a man can find it hard to have a sexual relationship. The fear of not getting an erection or not satisfying the partner can also worsen the situation. Other psychological factors that might turn a gentleman into an impotent lad include:

⮚ Depression

⮚ Anxiety

⮚ Peer pressure

⮚ Performance Anxiety

⮚ Stress

⮚ Relationship issues

How do men react to impotence?

Every man is concerned about his sexual well-being. They are terrified even if they see the tiniest of anomalies. When a guy has erectile dysfunction, he may get depressed. The issue of “loss of manhood” is one that no one likes to discuss. Such people mostly don’t tell their partners about this fact, and their relationships suffer as a result. There’s a risk the person would physically and emotionally retreat from his spouse. Men also blame themselves for sexual difficulties. They start getting insecure and start doubting themselves. Because this medical issue can be remedied, all men must discuss it out with their respective spouses to avoid misunderstandings.

Impact of society

We are all aware of how much we are impacted by society. Because sex is considered taboo in our community, we were encouraged to be discreet about it. Talking about sexual problems is a bigger proscription. All men believe that if they discuss their sexual issues with others in public, they will be judged. There are a lot of myths about erectile dysfunction which have made the condition even worst for males. Men are constantly pressured by society to perform well in bed, and failure to do so hurts their mental health.

Erection weakening is a common condition that most men encounter as a result of their lifestyle. This medical condition is a problem not only for the person but also for his relationship. Men may lose their desire to perform and feel ashamed of their inability to satisfy their partner. Lack of sexual intimacy is the major problem of losing interest, leading to breakups and divorce.

Women’s reaction to her partner’s impotence

Women think more about sex than men. They are very particular about all things they want in the act. If a female observes common erection weakness in her partner, she might think her partner is no longer interested in her. This mindset has the potential to destroy a relationship if men do not communicate their issues with their spouses. Males get enraged, agitated, and emotional as a result of this medical ailment. In this circumstance, mutual understanding might be pretty important. It might be helpful if you could communicate with your spouse without reluctance. And, since communication is the key, sharing things makes it more accessible. If the partners have a solid understanding and the spouse is supportive of your medical condition, you should be able to recover quickly.

Myth buster

Myth – ED is common in old age, and we have to learn to live with it.

Fact – It’s known that older people are prone to ED, but that doesn’t mean we should learn to live with it. Dietary knowledge and physical activity can also help you maintain a healthy sexual life.

Myth – Younger men are not affected by ED.

Fact – This medical issue can affect men of any age. It’s common and treatable if detected early enough.

Myth – ED can be depressing, but it is not dangerous.

Fact – ED is a serious disorder that can be a sign of heart disease and diabetes.

How should couples deal with sexual problems?

Some couples are aware that something is wrong with their bodies, but they choose not to seek medical treatment. While some couples refuse to accept, they have a sexual issue, these two types of couples are at a very high risk of getting a life-threatening illness.

You’ll need a great partner in this circumstance, someone who knows your predicament and can assist you in addressing the problem.

What’s the Treatment?

As soon as you become aware of ED, you must visit a gynecologist to prescribe specific medications for therapy. Doctors may also advise you to engage in particular activities that will help with this clinical condition. In the case of erectile dysfunction, penis massage is a viable alternative. It might be quite valuable to massage it with olive or coconut oil.

Bottom Line

In the end, communication is the most crucial factor. Speaking up about your issue can help you find a good solution. Ignoring or avoiding signs and symptoms can be very lethal. Finally, we can say that men need not be ashamed of their sexual problems because they have no control over them.

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