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How to Claim Accidental Insurance on a Debit/Credit Card?

How to claim insurance after an accident?

Meeting an accident is the most tragic thing that takes place in one’s life. It’s crucial to take all the preventive measures. Having accident insurance allows the company to give you cash if you get injured in an accident. The insurance company pays all benefits either to you or your beneficiaries. The insurance company will pay you amount as much as you have paid your premiums. You can use this as per your requirements like paying off your medical bills or for your childcare, college tuition, etc. Accident insurance is also known as accident expense or accidental death insurance

Accident insurance may cover a few things like:

  • Treatment in an emergency
  • Stay in the hospital
  • Medical tests
  • Supplies
  • Other expenses

An accident does not knock at the door. It can happen anytime and anywhere. It may result in minor to serious injuries. Any such mistake happening may lead to a financial crisis. Therefore, it is recommended to buy an accidental insurance policy. It will provide the necessary financial assistance to you and your family against accidental death, injuries, and any disabilities.

Some of the advantages to having an accident insurance policy are given below:

  • Immediate protection within a few days of receiving the application
  • It helps in covering out-of-pocket expenses
  • Benefits of the policy are paid to you
  • Peace of mind and family security
  • It offers worldwide coverage
  • Easy claim process
  • Support centers are available round the clock

With the help of personal accident insurance, you can secure yourself against disabilities and accidental death. Buy a perfect plan for you and your family to save in times of emergency.

Before buying insurance:

  • Compare accidental insurances policies
  • Avail the lowest premium on personal accident
  • Avail online, the instant personal accidental cover

Easy Steps For Claiming Insurance After An Accident

Inform The Insurance Company At The Earliest

Call your insurance company on priority and tell them about the incident. As there is a timeline restriction that within the seven working days of the incident, you have to inform the insurer regarding it. To raise a claim, you have to submit various significant documents like softcopies of your driving license, car registration certificate, FIR along with the first two pages of your insurance policy, and much more. The best way is to visit the office of an insurance company and ask an executive about the details of the documents.

File an FIR at the nearest Police Station

Inform the police and file an FIR as this is an important step. In case of incidents in which car accidents, robbery, road accidents, or fire takes place; it’s crucial to file an FIR at urgency. Vehicle insurance includes dents, scratches, and unavoidable damages. It is important to claim in case any physical or third-party incident takes place.

The police visit the spot and cross verify all the facts to identify the faults and make everything clear. With the help of the police, you will come across the reason behind the incident. Moreover, the details of essential things like vehicle number, number of passengers sitting in the car, witnesses, details of the driver, and any substantial things will be on record.

Capture Photographs as a Valid Proof

When a mishap takes place it’s important to take a picture of the incident. There are a few nooks and crannies which you may not bother at the time of the accident but can later help you at the time of claiming the insurance. Therefore, capturing the picture is very crucial. You may capture a few pictures, which include the damage of the car, injuries, nearby surroundings, location, and much more. These photographs will act as valid proof for the insurance claim. Make sure, you take down the name of the mobile number and names of the witnesses, as you may need their help throughout any proceedings.

Submit all Documents to the Insurer

After the FIR, the next step is to proceed with the settlement of the claim. As the submission of the documents takes place, the insurance claim will be initiated. Remember: submit all the required/mandatory documents for claiming the insurance like Car registration certificate, FIR, driving license, and other mandatory documents.

Ask the Insurance Company to Send a Surveyor

File a claim from your insurance company and ask them to send a surveyor to begin the inspection process. You can raise the claim via online mode by visiting the authorized portal connected to the insurance company. In case of a settlement for the cashless claim, an officer from the insurance company will be sent to your place that will cross-check all the damages that have been caused. He will guide you with the names of the garages to which your car can be sent for recovery. Towing of the car will be done by the insurance company. The survey of the accident takes place within a few working days.

Repairing of the vehicle

Get your vehicle repaired and initiate the claim process. The settlement of the claim process is done by 2 methods.

A) If a person prefers to have a cashless claim then they do not have to bear any burden of the charges of the repair. Under this policy, the list of a garage for repair is recommended by the insurance company. The holder of the policy has to pay only for the deductibles. The rest of the things will be covered under an insurance policy.

B) If a person prefers to proceed with the reimbursement claim then the policyholder has to clear all the bills of all the damages on his own.

Ways To Claim Accidental Insurance On The Debit Card/Credit Card

With the help of an active card; either a credit card or a debit card makes you eligible for the miss happening like an accidental death. It is supposed to cover up some amount of money, depending upon the type of credit or debit card you are using. As per the rules of the different insurance companies, the debit or credit card users can claim for accidental death within 90 days/30 days in case the death of the account holder takes place. Hence, the rules make a clear description that free accidental life insurance will be covered with just one card. In case a person possesses more than one card then also he can claim the insurance.

Wrap up

If a person is facing any kind of problem, relating to the insurance, he can consult the customer care representative of the respective insurance company. The procedure and conditions of the insurance claim vary from bank to bank.