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Is It Ok To Buy Refurbished Phones?

Is Refurbished Phone Good to Buy?

Refurbished phones are the best options for old smartphones. Refurbished phones usually have minor physical damage or maybe the box is opened. While purchasing refurbished phones you may see the terms like renewed, reconditioned, or pre-owned on the buying page.

All these terms show that you are not the original owner of the phone. The owner might have returned it due to various reasons. Many buyers return the phones after just unboxing them.

The reason for returning the phone varies. It might be that the individual did not like the phone or it had some manufacturing defects but later it has been fixed perfectly. The phone is being tagged as refurbished and sold again at a lower price.

Refurbished phones are devices that were earlier owned by someone else and which have been restored to work at their full potential by the manufacturer or resellers. These phones come with a reseller warranty. They are in proper working condition with some minor dents and scratches on their outer body. It is completely safe to buy these but make sure that you buy them from a certified reseller only.

There is also one more category namely manufacturer refurbished. This is different from repairs that local repair shops make. In this, the manufacturer repairs the phone with original components and renews the device. This is what most people look out for. Mostly, refurbished phones are the most preferred by buyers.

When a smartphone is damaged it is being sold out or discarded. But, if it is operated by a good mechanic, then with a few minor dents/ scratches on the body of the phone, it will start working in a good condition. If a phone is refurbished and sold then it has been given a chance to work for a long period.

Many mobile phones do include plastic parts and batteries which are hard to destroy. So instead of considering them garbage, it is better to sell these as refurbished phones. It can be sold in good condition, moreover, at a much lower price.

What to Keep in Mind While Purchasing a Refurbished Phone?

Buying a refurbished phone is a good idea. It can help in saving a lot of money. But make sure to perform a quality check before buying. There are various things to consider while purchasing refurbished mobile phones. Here are some of the points which should be in mind.

Warranty Check

Many of the refurbished phones carry a warranty. The warranty can be for a limited period. The warranty can be provided directly from the manufacturer or the reseller. Most of the trusted resellers check it properly to ensure that the phone is in perfect working condition.

After the phone is returned from the owner, many manufacturers resell those. These are returned by the owners due to various reasons like manufacturing defects or some other reasons such as logistics issues, damaged boxes, and much more.

The reseller fixes the defects of the devices and puts them up for resale. Many resellers buy these mobile phones and then do mandatory quality checks. After renewing them, the store resells them via online stores or offline stores. Manufacturers as well resell their phones and provide a limited-time warranty too.

Have a thorough study of the documents

While buying an expensive gadget each individual usually goes through the whole given details, policies, usage methods, and facts, regarding that particular gadget before purchasing it. Similarly, this is very important when you are buying a refurbished phone.

One has to go through the documents properly before purchasing them. There is a 6-month warranty and you can even return the phone if you are not satisfied with that.

Choose a high Grade Refurbished Mobile Phones

Refurbished mobile phones go through various testing and investigation procedures to recheck the quality depending on the physical condition. These tests are mainly conducted to know about the limit of wear and tear on the body of the phones.

Therefore, the most important of this verification takes place to confirm the condition of software responsiveness and hardware condition. According to their condition, they are categorized into three different grades, which are grade a, grade b, and grade c.

  • Grade A, the phones are likewise the new ones they have only minor scratches.
  • Grade B, the phone has been used for a short period of interval and they have some scratches.
  • Grade C includes those phones which have so many scratches and some dents but they work perfectly fine.

The grading is done based on their physical appearance.

If you are looking forward to upgrading your phone but can’t afford the higher price, the refurbished one is the right option.

Buy the mobile Phone From Trustworthy Source

Always buy the phones from trustworthy sources. The refurbished phones have been used for a short time by the initial owner. Therefore, anything can go wrong/worse with these phones. A trusted seller will always do necessary quality checks before selling it to the customers. Also, these trusted sellers mostly provide a warranty, which makes buying hassle-free. You can also buy online from a trustworthy website.

A trusted store can clear all the doubts with the prescription mentioned below the device info. You can buy excellent quality phones at almost half the price of the new device.

The policy of Return

Whether you want to buy through an online store or offline store, make sure to check if the store is offering you a return policy. This plays a crucial role. A refurbished phone may start showing issues after using it for a few days. So, a return policy is important before buying.

Receive Maximum Value For The Price Paid

If you are buying a refurbished phone via any of the online stores, it could be a gala moment for you, as; few websites keep on providing various coupons and offers from time to time for the customers. Along with deals, you can avail of some additional freebies such as earphones, battery charger, USB cable, screen guard, protective mobile case, etc.

Wrap Up

With small efforts, you can find good quality refurbished phones. Going through all the required documents makes you aware of the quality of the phone. Moreover, with less expenditure, you can buy a quality product.